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How often do you wish sun bathing on the beach or star gazing on a clear sky in the middle of no-where?  How many of you have your travel suitcase packed in case you decide right now for an unplanned journey ?  How it feels to motivate someone to do better and feel better about themselves?  

Pack N Ride is about my personal journey to places I went planned or unplanned, solo or with my loved ones , happy or sad. It's about being a source of motivator to travel and to live ...

Life itself is a journey . Sometimes you need to ride through your life being a kid, a single parent, a dependant house-partner , an old man , an unhealthy body , reasons are endless for you to not able to take that trip you have dreamt of for years . So this place is not just about travelling to cities and new countries, but also travelling through life as it comes ! Hoping to inspire at least someone to take that trip, to break those shackles, to smile and realise that they are just doing fine !!! 


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